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Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone Review

Designed with a touchscreen and 3D interface, the Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone permits you to manage applications by just sliding your finger over it. Updated with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, this phone permits you to access the latest applications. With the Bluetooth feature of this HTC smartphone you can share content wirelessly. Manage your e-mails with the office Outlook Mobile and therefore the Microsoft Exchange with Direct Push function of the Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone. Capture refined and crisp images with the 2 MP camera of this HTC Phone. Navigation is easy and fast with the 5-way navigation key of this HTC smartphone. The white shell, compact design of the HTC Touch XV6900 phone enhances your trendy persona.

Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone
Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone | CellularCountry
The Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone will certainly wow your friends and colleagues. Forgoing the usual black, the Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone comes in a fabulous white color, which, once combined with the handset's sleek, smooth pebble-like look, makes it a real stunner. The Verizon red that accents a number of the icons on the User Interface is quite eye-catching, as well. However, one issue that you lose is that the soft-touch finish, so the handset may be a bit slick. Otherwise, it's just like the Sprint Touch, carrying a footprint of 3.9 inches high by 2.3 inches wide by 0.5 in. deep and 3.9 ounces.

The Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900's touch screen measures 2.8 inches diagonally with a 64,000 color output and 320x240 pixel resolution. Just like the other Touches, the XV6900 options HTC's TouchFLO interface that permits you to rotate through the various menus with the swipe of your finger. As an example, dragging your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top edge brings up a menu of popular apps and utilities, like e-mail, Internet Explorer, and the Communication Manager. You'll then swipe right to left (or vice versa) to get to your Contacts list and multimedia files.

The TouchFlo functionality works well, just like the Sprint version, there's an option of a 20-button QWERTY keyboard that mimics the SureType keyboards found on some BlackBerry devices. The virtual keys are large enough that almost all individuals should be able to use a thumb to tap the buttons. If you continue to have problems, there's also a 12-button alphameric dial pad, very similar to the one you'd find on a regular cell phone. We tried each and dialing numbers was easy, and the touch screen was quite responsive, however typing text messages and e-mails took a little longer with all the multi-tapping. Other input methods include Block Recognizer, Letter Recognizer, Transcriber, or a miniscule full QWERTY keyboard.

The HTC Touch XV6900 Phone is your standard Windows Mobile 6 smartphone. It runs the professional Edition of the mobile OS with the full office Mobile Suite so you can produce, view, and edit Word and Excel documents and read PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. You also get the improved Calendar functions and new task shortcuts. However, as Verizon has finished its other Windows smartphones, the carrier stripped out the Windows Live integration, that is unfortunate. Other PIM tools and utilities include Adobe Reader, a task manager, a voice recorder, a calculator, and a notepad.

General performance was typical of a Windows Mobile device. Overall, the Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900 Phone was responsive however could get slowed down after we had numerous applications open. Web browsing was swift, due to the EV-DO speeds. Music playback through the phone's speakers sounded a little tinny and lacked bass. Video playback wasn't bad; of course, there was some slight pixilation, however audio and images were always synchronized.

The Verizon Wireless HTC Touch XV6900's 1,880 mAh lithium ion battery has a rated talk time of 5.6 hours and up to seventeen days of standby time. The XV6900 failed to meet the rated talk time in our battery drain tests with just four hours on a single charge. But this phone is just great for you, you can try to check out for the price and see more detailed information.

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